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Engineering Team workcation in Hakodate

After being quarantined for two years, this workation was like a school trip to a primary school student. I was super excited.


The day I arrived at the Hakodate, it was slightly disappointing that no snow at all. I went directly to Onuma Quasi-National Park. Although the weather was not what I expected, the scenery was adorable. At the moment I was worried about the impact of global warming. However, despite the disappointment of the weather on the first day, it started to snow crazily at night. On the other day morning, everything was covered in white.

Since this is workation, I have to prove that we are hard-working as well.
The location of the office (HSO) ? I mean, I can't ask more. I would rate it five stars. The view is terrific, yet the best angle to see fireworks at 6 pm.
I have seen e-Jan people post photos on Teams, but it's even better when you are there.

For the first day at lunchtime it was snowing badly, we didn't go far but to the café next door. It was my first time having whale meat miso soup. The texture of whale meat is chewy, tasting like a rubber band with a fish smell. It was an interesting experience for all of us.

The snow weather didn't last long. on the other day, it was back to a sunny day. We used flex hours on Wednesday, signed out early, and headed to the Hakodate mountain. The cable car station is near to the satellite office by 10 mins walk (another kudos for HSO)
We stayed there for around 2 hours, enjoying the transition of day and night views. As the rooftop was chilly, we moved to the café downstairs, savouring the peace of tranquillity with hot coffee.

That night, we had a seafood feast at Hakodate morning market. Even though I'm allergic to shellfish, I had a great time there. Everything I had tasted amazing. I can imagine how good the crabs are by the irresistible joyfulness on their faces.

Thursday was a busy media day, Shiro-san was in the HSO having interviews. That day we had dinner at Beer Hall in the bay area, and after that, we played a board game together till midnight. It was fun.

The rest of the workation days, we had visited various restaurants, having local food. My conclusion would be: go for anything labelled with "Hakodate" on the menu; you won't get disappointed.

On weekends, it started to snow again. The temperature had dropped to around -7 ~ -2 Celcius. We went to the botanical garden to see Moneky in the onsen. They look like a monkey oden from afar, so cute.
After being exposed to the frozen air for hours, we had onsen at Yunokawa. Sadly I am not allowed to take pictures inside the onsen, but imagine: having an onsen with the view of snow Hakodate? That was an epic moment.

On the last day, I went to the Hakodate Magistrate's Office inside of Goryōkaku park. The building itself had wrecked during the Battle of Hakodate in 1868. However, in 2010 the building was restored, based on old photographs, documents, smashed tiles and residuals. I watched the documentary and felt so touched; this is why I appreciate and respect how the Japanese keep their culture intact.

We took Shinkansen back to Tokyo. It took around 4 hours. It was a nice trip that we all had a great time.

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