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Here at e-Jan Networks there are a lot of new ideas happening everyday. Staff are given encouragement to relax and tap into their creative and imaginative brain. In every group and department, there are hard working staff that constantly are trying to solve problems and not just complain about them.
20190719-1.jpg Once the idea is imagined, and is in its embryonic state, it takes a careful step by step growth to become finalized and implemented. It takes a village to accomplish such wonderful innovative solutions. We work together. It takes courage to share your early conceptual thoughts, but thanks to the open and positive environment, it's easy to see why people like working here. They can be themselves and not be afraid of judgments or ridicule.
On the contrary, it’s more often appreciated here. The younger and the older, Japanese, Foreigner, man, or woman, gay or straight, everyone is generally supportive of each other, even though there are multi-cultural staff, remarkably many of whom are polyglots.


When our coworkers are struggling, we all pitch in to help. Willingly and honestly giving constructive and proactive advice, encouragement, and support. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes on a problem issue can open new windows of perspective which can overcome most obstacles that regularly happen in business, because recognition isn't the norm, narrow-mindedness is prevalent, and selfishness is dismissed as a "cultural difference of opinion".

On the other hand, at e-Jan Networks there are open avenues of communication to share thoughts and have conversations about how things are going. This environment can sustain very helpful and proactive inter-office cooperation. This atmosphere of positivity starts from the top, and the founder, Shiro-san is leading by example. he's well-respected, and deservedly so.


All levels of employees have the right so speak up and share their views and ideas with others. A different point of view is valuable. This is an investment in time and energy which pays great dividends to the company as a whole.


It makes me very glad to work here. Where everyone, including me - a lowly English Instructor-- is valued and respected for their contributions, and also, e-Jan is a place where there is security and a working environment that is "e-Jan".


By John Owens