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Signal 'cups' at desks

A part of her unique cultures of e-Jan is that allowing all employees to freely cultivate and create new things by themselves.
Today, we are going to introduce something that brought by developers at e-Jan to this company by themselves, 'signal lights' at desks.
As you could see from the pictures above, there are desks with red, green and yellow cups.
To further explain it, the red cup, like a 'red light' in the traffic signal system, which indicates that 'I am busy now that could not talk to you'.

Whereas a 'yellow cup', sharing the same meaning as a 'yellow light', suggests that 'I am fine to talk about work but not about how is your private life going such as my cat gets sick easily recently'.

Finally, a 'green cup' at a desk tells you 'you may go ahead to talk about whatever you want, including just simply joking around'.

This kind of 'system' was firstly initiated by developers to signify their status within the Development Group, who are usually a little bit shy, since many of them feel reluctant to say that 'stop talking to me because I am busy' when they were spoken to.
However, the 'signal lights at desks' proved efficient on accelerating communications, and were later welcomed and adapted by many other groups as well, and now it is becoming something understood by almost all members at e-Jan.

By Z.A.Y (Moved to Japan in 2010)