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Communication is a powerful tool

Communication can be a powerful tool especially when combined with a proactive and positive attitude.

Learning a new language is not just memorizing vocabulary and words; it’s about opening up your mind to a whole new perspective on life.
When you’re open to learning, not only English but, learning anything, you’re more likely to see opportunities arise. Those can be business opportunities, new friendships and even relationships, etc.
Since I’ve been studying Japanese for the last 10 years, I noticed that I have had so many great experiences. I can go anywhere in Japan by myself, I can meet new people and have interesting conversations and learn new things from a Japanese person’s perspective and finally, I have gained a lot of self-confidence.

I encourage all my students to take initiative; start a conversation, ask more questions, keep the conversation going and most importantly, keep an open mind. Not only during the lesson but also in your daily life. Learning a language is an investment to your growth and success.

by Natalia (English teacher at e-Jan Networks Co., from Canada)