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特色を生かした採用活動に取り組んでいます! (Are you looking for a good place to work in Japan??)

A leaflet name “Kaishahakkenden (Discovery of companies)” was published last month. This leaflet introduces small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo and is used for recruitment purposes.



そんなダイバーシティ推進に取り組む中での思いや、試行錯誤をつづったブログがこのWorking Japan Blogです。日本で働く外国人社員と、それを受け入れる日本人社員の日が素直に書かれています。


Each of the companies shows unique characteristics to attract potential employees, and e-Jan Networks’ emphasizing point was “diversity”. In fact, currently, 20% of our employees are non-Japanese from several countries; China, Taiwan, the Philippines, United States, Turkey, etc.

We are still struggling to dealing with this “diversity”, and this blog is our “diary” in which our daily struggles are written. Sometimes a non-Japanese person will write about how weird Japanese companies are, and sometimes a Japanese person will write about how hard it is to communicate within multiple nations.

We still have a way to go (and that’s why this blog is interesting)!
If you are interested in this odd but developing company, just contact us!

-S.T. (Japan)