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Impressions: Information Security EXPO 2017

nullEvery year, e-Jan Networks presents a booth at Japan’s largest event for information security, Japan IT Week’s Information Security Expo.
This year the event ran from 10 May, Wednesday until 12 May, Friday at Tokyo Big Sight.

‘M.’ (Taiwan, moved to Japan in Fall 2016):
‘To join expo and to distribute fliers this time are both a fresh and exciting experience for me. I have visited similar expos a few times, but this is the first time I joined as a part of company. Although it was tiring and frustrating sometimes, I still felt happy to introduce more people to e-Jan’s product, CACHATTO.’

'M.A.' (Azerbaijan, moved to Japan in 2017):
‘It was great seeing people from all over the world at Expo like Korea, India, America. I think every company should have documents in multiple languages.’

‘E.’ (China, moved to Japan in 2014, started working in April 2017):

‘J.’ (Taiwan, moved to Japan in June 2016)