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Workplace terms of address

Japan is known for its seniority culture, where levels of respect are dependent on seniority (age, experience, etc.), and this appears in the language of workplace culture as well.

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Commuting to Work with Public Transportation

Cities in Japan have very good public transportation systems, which makes it fairly easy to travel both in and between cities. Local public transportation is also facilitated by the use of IC cards, which store money to use on public transportation, such as trains, buses, and even taxis, but can also sometimes be used with vending machines, convenience stores, etc.

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The Monster in Hibiya Park

This category contains anecdotes of how some non-Japanese employees spend their leisure time to experience Japanese culture.
This post is a submission by a guest writer in the company, ‘M’.

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5 Tips to Overcoming the Language Barrier

An obvious question posed by non-Japanese-speakers when thinking about a job in Japan: what about speaking the language? No matter what kind of job you are looking for, Japanese will become necessary at some point in your career.

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About Working Japan

Welcome to Working Japan, a blog presented by e-Jan Networks Ltd. for and by non-Japanese employees. This blog aims to serve as a resource for other non-Japanese individuals who want to work in Japan, and are curious about the realities of Japanese work-life.

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