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Cultural exchange: Chinese night

One Mandarin speaker, one English speaker
At e-Jan Networks, there is a significant number of Mandarin Chinese-speaking employees. As a result, in 2015, the company began sponsoring an annual ‘Chinese Night’, a cultural exchange dinner. There are many employees also learning Mandarin Chinese and English, so this event provides opportunities for interaction in multiple languages. Ultimately, the event is for everyone to have a good time with coworkers they may not otherwise spend a lot of time with, and it allows everyone to have a better understanding of each other’s cultures.

Of course, one-to-one cultural exchanges like the one described above is not the only way cultural exchanges can be done; companies that hire non-Japanese employees have different ratios of cultures, etc. However, having opportunities for communication is beneficial for everyone involved, and if your company does not already do these events, it may be worthwhile to plan one yourself.
Embracing and celebrating diversity is valuable, and cultural exchanges within the company provide employees the chance to learn about each other.
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