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BIG John's BIG Picture

If you're one of those employees thinking, "Man, that bonus isn't enough to make me study English. It's too hard. It's too time consuming. I don't need English. I've lived this long just fine without it." Or something similar to this, to make you want to give up before you start. Then I have the following blog advise for you.
To think that you deserve to be rewarded monetarily, for instant, gratification of struggling along to memorize vocabulary and practice phrases and expressions is very short-sighted in life.
In the long term, a command of English is vital to success. The world is becoming increasingly filled with English communication.
As is evident at e-Jan Networks, more and more employees are non-Japanese speakers. Technical questions, manuals, help line, business meetings, sales, development, and all areas are using more and more English everyday. TV, internet, movies, books. Little by little it is creeping in to your world, and to deny this and crawl under a rock is only going to isolate you and keep you behind the times.

Successful people must stay ahead of the trends and anticipate the needs of customers worldwide. This includes speaking, reading, and writing in English.

Here at e-Jan, we have a President who is forward thinking and is providing you access to improve your skills, including improving your English communicative capability.

Don't crawl under a rock!
Don't stick your head in the sand!
Don't pretend you don't need English!


Like anything worthwhile- it takes effort.

Get with the program. The dividends or rewards you get long term are far greater than any monetary bonus you receive in the short term.

By John (English teacher at e-Jan Networks Co., from the U.S.America)