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The impact of ‘Telework Day’/远程办公日

In anticipation of severe transit congestion due to high intercity traffic during the London 2012 Summer Olympics & Paralympics, London’s transport system called for alternate workstyles such as teleworking (a.k.a. telecommuting). Many companies and residents took part in this movement and began teleworking. As a result, in addition to avoiding traffic congestion during the London 2012 Summer Olympics & Paralympics, companies that implemented telework developed infrastructure for business continuity, reported a rise in employee productivity and satisfaction, and improvements to work-life balance.
各类宣传和试行的结果,不仅是成功地在伦敦奥运会及残奥会期间,使城市的交通压力得到极大缓解;引进远程办公制度的企业也借此契机构筑并完善其业务延续性计划(Business Continuity Plan,简称BCP),促进了生产力的同时更让员工对于公司的满意度也得以提升。而从员工处,也得到了因为可以远程办公而让自己可以更好地平衡工作与生活等正面反馈。

In 2017, a number of Japan’s governmental ministries and agencies (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Cabinet Secretariat; Cabinet Office) followed London’s example and coordinated with financial circles to enact ‘Telework Day’. 24 July was designated as ‘Telework Day’ to coincide with the day of the opening ceremony for the 2020 Olympics, and started at the beginning of the work day commuter rush until 10:30 A.M. Companies/organisations were encouraged to simultaneously telework that day, and ultimately 922 organisations participated (with 548 of them teleworking).
2017年,在伦敦的“促进远程办公”这一事例的启发下,日本总务省、厚生劳动省、经济产业省、国土交通省、内阁官房、内阁府与东京都政府以及日本的经济界各方合作,将7月24日,这一预定将举行2020年东京奥运会开幕式的日子定位“远程办公日(Teleworking Day)”,呼吁全日本尤其是全东京首都圈的公司和市民们积极参与,一起在电车、地铁等公共交通开始早间营业到10点半为止的上班高峰期的时间段内进行远程办公或通过自己的行动来支持远程办公。

Now, in 2018, ‘Telework Day’ has become ‘Telework Days’.
而到了今年,当第二次进行“远程办公日”运动时,主办的政府各部委和机关将“Teleworking Day”发展为“Teleworking Days”。意在促进企业和个人更多地践行远程办公。

Various companies/organisations were encouraged to participate in ‘Telework Days’ on 24 July and starting 23 July (Monday) until 27 July (Friday). The preliminary reports counted 1,682 participating organisations (with 1,260 of them teleworking).

‘CACHATTO’, the telework platform we develop and provide, helps support this event every year. During 2018’s ‘Telework Days’, the CACHATTO Access Point (CACHATTO’s relay cloud) saw double its usual activity.

Many of CACHATTO’s user companies, government administrative offices, and municipalities allow BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with CACHATTO.
Without needing to purchase/distribute devices, these organisations provide employees the ability to telework.
正在使用CACHATTO这一产品的许多企业、中央及地方政府机关里,不少都是鼓励员工自备设备以进行远程办公(Bring Your Own Devices,简称BYOD),有了CACHATTO,不需要投入大量经费购入专用硬件设备就可以让员工们远程办公。

CACHATTO will continue to support Japan’s telework campaign!