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Trip to Sumida Aquarium

Today's post comes from guest writer 'R', about a weekend event he organised.

e-Jan Networks provides a subsidy program for weekend events organised and attended by employees. These events provide an opportunity for employees to interact and bond outside of the work environment. The subsidy program also provides an opportunity for the employees planning the event to grow as leaders and organisers.

'R' organised the trip to Sumida Aquarium, and described the event below.
Tokyo Skytree and Sumida Aquarium

Recently, I visited Sumida Aquarium and Tokyo Skytree with our colleagues. Thanks to e-Jan's subsidy program for weekend event, we didn't spend much money and enhanced bonding with each other.

A group photo of e-Jan employees

Sumida aquarium is in the same building with Tokyo Skytree. It is a lovely aquarium with lots of unique creatures. There were sharks, sea lions, penguins, jellyfish and many gold fishes. We loved the penguin and jellyfish the most!

-'R' (Taiwan, moved to Japan in 2015)

Sumida Aquarium penguins


All photos provided by the author.