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2018 Winter Olympics office game

The Winter Olympics, while perhaps not as popular as the summer Olympics, still generates a buzz of excitement.

J.O., the organiser of the office event ‘English Game Night’, is an Olympics enthusiast, and has developed another game for people at the office to communicate in English about shared topics: 2018 Winter Olympic Games - Medals for Japan -.

The object of the game is simple: office employees can guess how many medals Japan will win throughout the course of the Olympics. The guesses were collected before the Olympics opening ceremony.

J.O. has accumulated a collection of Olympics memorabilia over the years and is offering the winner of the game an Olympic souvenir of their choice as the prize.

The TV in the break room is often tuned in during lunchtime to whatever Olympic sport is being broadcast, so that employees have the chance to watch the competitions on live TV.
Since it is a topic that many people are interested in, or at the very least curious about, it is a good opportunity for viewers to engage in English conversation with the English speakers present.

There is also a section of whiteboard where a tally of all the medals won by each country is shown, categorised by type. It has been excited to see the numbers slowly rise as each of the events are completed.

Many people have grown much more knowledgeable about the Olympics in recent weeks, and the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the Olympics have livened up the break room as well.
The Olympics Games are coming to a close, but the excitement only rises as the office Olympic game’s results draw near.

-N.M. (U.S.A.)
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