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e-Jan Vegetable Market

e-Jan vegetable market from 6 july
Recently, e-Jan Network’s Tokyo office started an ‘e-Jan Vegetable Market.

Every Thursday, the e-Jan Networks has organic vegetables delivered to the company from a farm. The ‘market’ opens roughly around noon and ends at 4pm. The market is set up like an unattended vegetable stall, similar to those commonly seen in Japan, where customers are responsible for paying the right amount. The prices of the vegetables are subsidised by the company.

After 4pm when the vegetable market closes, the unsold vegetables are distributed for free with a lottery system.

The e-Jan Vegetable Market is an opportunity to support local farmers, and the hustle and bustle when the market opens creates a fun atmosphere. It gives the e-Jan office employees the chance to buy fresh, seasonal vegetables and herbs for low prices.
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