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First Time in Japan

Where are you going to stay? What about the food? How can we contact you? How are you going to manage all the finances? and more and more questions were fired at me by my parents while I was preparing to leave for work in Japan. Although I had faith in my abilities to accustom myself to unfavourable situations, somewhere in the back of my mind I knew these questions were legit. Starting your career in a foreign land is always exciting, but it also yields various doubts and questions in one's mind. And if it's your first time stepping foot on foreign land, the number of questions multiplies significantly. Filled with questions and just enough faith, I left for Japan.

As expected, there were many hurdles waiting for my arrival. No journey is easy but having someone to have your back is always welcoming. That, someone, was, and always will be e-Jan for me. From finding and funding my first apartment, and setting up my bank account, to making my own stamp and lending me a pocket Wi-Fi, e-Jan has always stood by me. If I had to list the help I received from e-Jan, I could write a whole essay. They made sure that my initial months in Japan were comfortable and less burdensome.

After living in Japan for almost a year, I still find some situations to be baffling. Situations such as translating letters, filling out forms, applying for credit cards etc. are always hard to deal with and my colleagues are whom I always turn to.

The one thing which makes e-Jan stand out is, even after almost 1 year of living in Japan, they often inquire of me about any issues or inconveniences I am facing in my professional or private life. To have people who would listen genuinely and offer some advice on your problems is more than what most people have.

I believe a company is made by its people, not by its status or sales. Surrounded by such wonderful people is what makes me believe "これいいじゃん!".

Written by Ab (Moved to Tokyo in 2018)